The journal tab of the MBQMQB project is a virtual space for Trans / Non Binary people of colour to exist and be celebrated in all their glory. It includes quotes from the stories of Trans / Non Binary people of colour from all over the world including the UK , London, Mexico & Jamaica who have been shot remotely by photographer DAMIEN FROST and interviewed. The tab will include updates of new stories and will offer the platform for other Trans / Non Binary POC to share their stories and be shot in a similar manner.


“My Queer Blackness,
My Black Queerness.”

“My Queer Blackness, My Black Queerness” is an ongoing digital project in exploration of the multiple existing facets of black queer identity. It is a protest, a celebration that frames blackness as a polyphony, a genre or melody with a vast variety of notes & textures — denouncing both white queer racism and black queer antagonism & queerphobia by way of art, film and literature through fundraising, journal entries, films screenings etc.

First launched in June 2020, the project raised over 12K euros with a print fundraiser that featured the works of 12 artists such as Tim Walker, Campbell Addy, Emmanuel Sanchez Monsalve among other for the benefit of Black Trans centred organizations ForTheGworls & Transwave JA. Today the project lives on through a series of various ongoing collaborations with the aim of platforming black and/or queer artists and honouring the value and beauty of black queer life and experiences.

This project is in dedication and celebration of the lives of Trans brothers and sisters of colour — the ones who have survived violence and continue to exist unapologetically and the ones we have lost throughout the past few months & years. MQBMBQ is a partner of nss factory.