Carlota Gida, 18, México. “ I'm a trans non binary person from Guerrero, Mexico. I'm 18 and I live in Puebla city. I'm a model, drag queen, photographer, activist, etc I think the most difficult part was accepting myself and recognizing myself as a trans person: here in Mexico the trans agenda is not very common. Which is a part of why I grew up afraid, I often wanted to suppress parts of myself or even get rid of my personal values and the things that made me who I was. When I was in elementary school I had to cut my hair very short because of the rules, and that made me feel like I had lost my identity. Every time I saw myself in the mirror: that was something, I mean the negative feelings about my hair length and identity. Fortunately when I got older I managed to inform myself about the variety of people and topics which existed and I decided to show myself to the exterior, it was like the moment when I was faced with the buffet of possibilities and everything became clear Here in Mexico the information about the LGBTQ+ is very poor, I mean it's sad cause we mainly recognise the letter "G" in the LGBTQ+ acronym and barely care about the other letters. Plus, we have a very misogynistic culture where the society thinks that trans persons are not valid cause in this country show yourself could be very dangerous: you can't get work or even be attacked. However that’s not something we let stop us, as members of the trans and non-binary communities , we are always living with the intentions of being ourselves, living in the shadows is not an option. In fact my greatest joy was the first time someone called me "Carlota", it was like for the first time , someone looked at my soul and saw who I really was.”