As an Aries, I’m surprisingly very much like my sign — optimistic, generous, loving, impulsive, determined and few of those less admirable traits as well haha. I’m a creative, I enjoy painting, drawing, sculpting, going to museums and pretty much indulging in anything that’s fun. My journey began from as young as 16 , I remember sitting at a lunch table with eight of my friends, and on this one particular day, none of them came to school which left me eating alone. That day a cousin of mine who had shared the same lunch as I, but sat at a different table, came over and we began discussing different topics, including the revelation of my sexual identity, something I had never told anyone about at that point. She assured me that everything would be alright. That next day, she passed away in a car accident on the way to purchase her prom dress. She is one of the reasons I live my life for me. It may be cliche, but tomorrow truly is not promised to anyone. So every day I woke up, I aimed to continue living my life to the fullest and experience that which she was not able to. Which eventually lead to my coming out , which was extremely difficult because my parents are ministers. I was forced to come out after my parents found a diary of mine, filled with my deepest thoughts regarding my sexual identity, as well as experiences in dating. I was kicked out of my parents house a week after graduating high school, but luckily I had a boyfriend at the time who loved me so much that he took me in. My family and I reconciled a week later. Since then we have discussed everything and although it took time, I could not be happier with where we are today. Especially because as a black Trans Woman in America, it’s extremely scary. It seems as though every month women like myself are being murdered simply for being who they are. Black Lives Matter is huge in America right now, and it is difficult to support the movement when the movement doesn't support black trans people. If we are going to say black lives matter,  then black LGBTQ should also be included in that statement. So in this world of chaos I’m extremely grateful and blessed to have the comfort of my family, I am blessed to have gone through the rejection and ignorance only to make it back to a place of acceptance within my family. My brothers voicing their support, and never letting anyone disrespect me. Seeing my nieces and nephews be so accepting of their friends who are apart of the LGBTQ community It's a beautiful thing and it really gives me hope for the future.