25, Sex Worker / Stylist, Crema

Lola Oluwadare


 Lola Oluwadare  25, Sex Worker / Stylist, Crema
 Lola Oluwadare  25, Sex Worker / Stylist, Crema
 Lola Oluwadare  25, Sex Worker / Stylist, Crema
 Lola Oluwadare  25, Sex Worker / Stylist, Crema


« I would define myself as a loving, resilient, empathetic, creative and tenacious person who also happens to be a black lesbian woman. Life as a black queer woman in Italy isn’t easy in any way, and it must be acknowledged that i’m speaking from a privileged perspective - not being trans or having disabilities. It can also also be a very lonely experience , although in theory you belong to these two communities, you often feel like you don’t belong to either of them at all. 

However personally, I've come a long way in shaking off the preconceptions that society has instilled in me and I've moved further towards the direction of love and self acceptance. I once read a tweet that said “I love being gay and black aka doing whatever I want,”  - winning the bingo of oppression certainly doesn't make life easy but the freedom of being able to do what you want regardless of what others think is something indescribable. For me it was as if I was forced into being the most authentic version of myself because there was no other option. 

If you notice, a lot of the civil rights movements always had queer and black people at the forefront. In my head I like to think that each of them said to themselves “fuck it, can’t get worse than this, ” and this gave them the courage to fight. I like to think that they put aside whatever little comfort they had and chose to fight for their happiness, for our happiness, and this is the energy I keep on a daily basis. My greatest joy is being black and queer and having this honour of my ancestors’ extra courage passed down to me. » -  @lolaoluwadare


Creative Direction by Jordan Anderson
Photography by Silvia Rosi 
Photo Assistant Gabriele Cialdella
Styling by Thais Montessori Brandao
Hair by Latoya Amsdorf
Makeup by Manuel Montanari 
Set Design by Davide Ladini
Movement Direction by Macia Del Prete
Production by nss factory