21, Dancer, Udine

Ronny Osango


 Ronny Osango 21, Dancer, Udine
 Ronny Osango 21, Dancer, Udine
 Ronny Osango 21, Dancer, Udine
 Ronny Osango 21, Dancer, Udine
 Ronny Osango 21, Dancer, Udine


« I’m someone who I'd define as free and determined. I love going against the ideals of what is seen as normal, and in doing so leaving some sort of impact on people, especially on those who think differently than I do. I like flaunting my freedom and madness in people’s faces because it is something which I believe to have earned and rightfully deserve. 

Personally , being black and queer in Italy has meant fighting everyday, not only with myself but also those around me. There’s so much hatred and ignorance within both communities mainly because for some reason, identifying as both black and queer, makes people feel more entitled to question your identity and essentially hurt you. The thing that scares me the most is when these people who use certain terms or have certain closed-minded points of views are my peers, because then it affects you on a personal level. 

Self acceptance is a very delicate journey, full of difficult obstacles and relapse. For some time now I have been living my sexuality and identity 100% openly, which was prompted by my discovery of my current dance company “Miami.” Music and dance have been the pillars through which I have chosen to express myself ever since I was 5-years old and returning to perform on stage made me realize that I had so much to tell and so much to teach and learn, which was something I found really beautiful . I want to share my experience with people especially those like me who are at an earlier stage in their journeys. Unlike what others might think, as people who are both black and queer , I believe our existence gives us a bigger voice. Having experienced the racist and at times homophobic wraths of the queer community and the faith-based homophobia of the black community, it makes us privy to so much wisdom that I think is the key to many social issues. » - @kenisblvckk


Creative Direction by Jordan Anderson
Photography by Silvia Rosi 
Photo Assistant Gabriele Cialdella
Styling by Thais Montessori Brandao
Hair by Latoya Amsdorf
Makeup by Manuel Montanari 
Set Design by Davide Ladini
Movement Direction by Macia Del Prete
Production by nss factory